Peanut Butter

Published on January 18, 2012 by in Articles, Feeding


 A very little known and under utilised feedstuff for birds is peanut butter.  It is extremely nourishing and very rich in natural oils.  Peanut butter offers food value found nowhere else.  It improves plumage, keeps birds in excellent physical condition, and is relatively freely available to everyone.

 The easiest way of getting your birds to favour peanut butter is to spread it lightly on stale bread and increase the amount until the peanut butter alone is the desired goal.  Another way is to press peanut butter into an opened pine-cone and roll the filled pine-cone in birdseed before hanging it in a convenient place in the cage. 

 Peanut butter is considered to be a must for sickly and baby birds but remains an addition to and not a replacement for other items of diet.

 Extract from “PARROTS AND RELATED BIRDS” by Henry J. Bates and Robert l. Busenbark, 3rd edition revised and expanded by Dr Mathew M Vriends

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