Sunflower Seeds. (striped or white) are part of a group of seeds rich in fats and proteins. They are rich in arginine.

 Cardy seeds are rich in fats.  They contain the correct proportion of amino acids and are rich in arginine.  They are low in lysine, methionine and cystine and contain no trytophane whatsoever.

 Millets (white, red, yellow, plata, Japanese, Senegalese) all contain about 12% to 14% proteins, 60% carbohydrates and 4% lipids.  The general content varies with the quality of the soil in which the crop is grown.

 Panicum (red and yellow) offered as millet sprays, contains 55% carbohydrates, 11% proteins and 3% lipids.

 Oatmeal is an excellent source of protein.  Hulled oats are high in fats, low in lysine and high in arginine, potassium and phosphorus.

 Canary seeds contain about 15% proteins, 58% carbohydrates and only 5% fat.  They are high in arginine and tryptophane, but low in lysine and methionine and do not contain any cystine.

 Wheat contains almost 70% starch.  Wheat germ contains many essential amino acids and is rich in vitamin E.  It is low in lysine.

 Flax is high in fat and high in amino acids, especially arginine.

 Niger seeds are particularly high in fat and protein and also have a correct percentage of all amino acids.  They also contain appropriate amounts of calcium, manganese and phosphorus.

 Buckwheat is a good source of protein and contains a low percentage of fats.  It is rich in amino acids, especially arginine and lysine.

 Sorghum (Dari) has about the same amount of starch as wheat.  It contains appropriate amounts of amino acids and is particularly high in leucine.

 Soy (green) is a good source of protein, when offered as sprouted seeds.  Soy germ contains vitamin C, is rich in vitamin B and also contains carbohydrates, lipids and iron.

 Paddy rice contains amino acids in the correct proportions.


Extract from A Guide to Neophema & Neopsephotus Genera and their Mutations by Dr Alain Campagne MD.  English revised edition as translated by Christine Leah BA (Hons) Translation edited and published by ABK Publications,PO Box 6288, SouthTweedHeads, NSW Australia. Published in 2008

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