Green Food

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Greens are the one food that is mostly overlooked in daily feeding of birds.  Greens contain the element carophyl and many vital micro elements needed by birds for healthy development and good breeding condition.

 Green food is available in a wide variety but carrot tops and dandelion are the richest in food value.  Lettuce is not very nourishing and tends to wilt very quickly, and, except for the fact that it is usually constantly available, there is no point in feeding it to any bird.  Any greens coming from a source other than a home garden (or certified organic source) should be thoroughly washed to remove any possible trace of insecticides used in the farming process before being added to the feed.  Insecticides may prove fatal to the bird.

 There are various dehydrated and quick frozen foods products available which are very nourishing and can prove to be relatively inexpensive.  The may be bought in small quantities or in packages of up to ten kilograms and have the great advantage of convenience and time saving in this hurried modern life. Dehydrated greens can be mixed with other foods or fed separately and the task of feeding is greatly simplified.

 Extract from “PARROTS AND RELATED BIRDS” by Henry J. Bates and Robert l. Busenbark, 3rd edition revised and expanded by Dr Mathew M Vriends

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