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A protein supplement is essential for the birds especially during the breeding season.  This can be offered in the form of an egg-based mix.  This is a rather interesting topic as many breeders have their own homemade recipe for this popular mix.

 Some excellent, ready-made mixes are available commercially, although these are not always to the liking of all birds, or their breeders, who prefer their own recipes.  Some simply add apples, grated carrot or sprouted seeds to a ready-made mix, whilst others create an elaborate home-made mix.  Whatever you choose to do the mix must be nutritionally well balanced, and the birds must get used to eating it before the breeding season.  Do not change your recipe or brand once the breeding season is underway as the parents may stop feeding the youngsters who will die from starvation.


Typical Ingredients of a Ready-made Product

Commercially made mixes include bread, eggs and egg-related products, seeds, cereals, sugars, vegetables and added vitamins and minerals.  Below is an analysis of ingredients listed by one manufacturer:

Protein                                     16%

Fat                                             5.2%

Fibre                                          0.5%

Ash                                            5.6%

Moisture                                    8.0%

Vitamin A                                19500IU/kg

Vitamin D                                32000 IU/kg

Vitamin E                                  25mg/kg

Homemade Recipes

In homemade recipes ingredients often include couscous, grated carrot, dry bread, sprouted or soaked seeds, sometimes vitamins and minerals, honey, brewers yeast and wheat germ.  These are usually added to an amount of a commercial mix, or even to a mix of several different brands.

 Extract from A Guide to Neophema & Neopsephotus Genera and their Mutations by Dr Alain Campagne MD.  English revised edition as translated by Christine Leah BA (Hons) Translation edited and published by ABK Publications,PO Box 6288, SouthTweedHeads, NSW Australia. Published in 2008

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